Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tutorial sessions with the Frosh have gone by OK so far. They are eager to learn and even more so to impress. Luckily, I don't lecture this class. I just assist in teaching i.e. conduct tutorials, hold office hours and work with students who many need extra coaching.

I am done with my academic coursework and other formalities of the graduate program in economics. I still do not have a question that I can letter out explicitly for my thesis.

My sister (currently in Goa, India) and I (Singapore) are road-tripping across Canada this summer. Who knows, it might just come to me driving on the interstate. Well, whatever.

fuck buckets

Ignorant git of a friend managed to finagle a $17 K bonus with her crotch-rot intellect after working 5 months at 'Hores and Co: Partners at Law'. Why oh Why am I still in academia?

Economic Speak

On a given day, I am usually indifferent between drinking Coke and its zero-calorie-equivalent, Coke Light. I put in a $1 coin into the vending machine, and due to some technical glitch, my one dollar could buy either a Coke ($1) or Coke Light ($1.10).

I of course, took full advantage of my $.10 consumer surplus!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

1. After many margaritas, daiquiris and gimlets, and table-top dancing this past weekend: the Grouch is giving up alcohol this season. It will be one long Spring.

2. Hindsight, somehow, will manage to knee you in the boys. GAH!

3. I got my teaching evaluation for last semester's principle of economics course. It was pretty good. Best student comment: "I pink-puffy-heart the Grouch".

4. I may have met someone. I really really like.

5. Books read this week: Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart and The Economic Naturalist

Saturday, January 19, 2008

hawt exchange student leaves for Lithuania.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

my best friend is getting engaged soon.
i wish i could be happy for her.
i really do.