Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It was a friend’s birthday.

1. Supposed to go for movie and dinner, but (I am given to understand that) the movie is just a ploy so as to pull together some semblance of a surprise. The movie story bought the "hosts" time to smuggle the cake into the restaurant. So some of the guests can make it only for the movie and not dinner and movie, which since there was no movie, messes up their evening! The drama, my point exactly!

2. Conversation during dinner:

Guest 1: I have lost weight. All I eat is soup and salad, twice a day. Now repeat that sentence 20 times over and is all what she spoke about during dinner

Guest 2: Don't order so much food, don't order, are you sure you can eat that much? Two very awkward jokes followed with even more awkward silence at the table. One, I think was a dig at the firm, Frost and Sullivan.

Guest 3: Did not say a word. Cross my heart. Not a word

Guest 4: Didn't show up. See memo on movie/dinner mix up.

Guest 5: Nice guy, I talk to him, interesting.

Birthday boy: uncomfortably smiling, observing everybody, few sentences spoken.

OMG the pain!

3. Dinner gets over, photographs are taken, Guest 4 shows up.

4. I am exhausted, want to head home. More photographs are taken, I smile, I mutter a few choice words.

5. They want to buy beer and sit by the harbor and drink. Beer is bought, we head to the harbor and it’s a total love fest. Crap. I don't do that. Because. I don't drink beer. And, I don't want to intrude on nervous couples trying to have a moment. I hang out with them for ten minutes or so and then politely leave.

Oh during the 90 minutes that was dinner, I was called "pervert, drunk, old, snob..."

Woe is me. Again.


Neeku said...
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Neeku said...

Uugh ! what an evening... however at this moment... this post seems to be more interesting... :/ than my boring class!

I guess time to refill the coffee...