Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hawt Exchange Student is totally flurrrrting with the Grouch!

After dinner and drinks at Tandoor, Hawt Exchange Student and Grouch saunter hand-in-hand to Haagen-Dasz (which incidentally in Punjabi means "shit and tell", but I digress)

Hawt Exchange Student: You can have my strawberries

Grouch: *reaching over to get the strawberries, knocks down her entire Sundae*

We try our luck at Starbucks. I try preventing going tits-up again, walk over smoothly, try to be all cool and order:

"She will have a tall peppermint mocha and I'll have an extra-hawt, double-whip, non-fat, de-caff, double-shot, tall, white latte"

Duh Starbux girl: You want a decaffeinated latte with a double caffeine shot ?

Woe is me.

I outta here yo

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byker7 said...

Isn't it amazing, this inverse correlation between the bonkability of the person one is with, and one's grasp on human abilities like conversation and coordination.