Sunday, October 28, 2007

cantankerous old farts

A wise man once said, "If the Left has a role in the future of India, India has no future left".

Some one please explain to me why is it that governance in India is held hostage to neanderthal beliefs. These cantankerous bastards and their archaic views should be maintained in a maximum security repository with the remains of other fossil collections. They might want to place Harkishan Singh Surjeet next to Narasimha Rao's gargantuan nostrils.

The Left inspired ideology as a question, as a check on equity remains relevant, but it fails miserably as a solution. What infuriates me is that they won't vote on the India-USA nuclear deal in parliament: they walk out instead. A brilliant strategy to develop consensus on a controversial issues, Assholes.

And, please don't get me started on why Manmohan Singh does not wear a fifty.

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